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We explore the cozy Nordic snowsuit aesthetic.
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What is a Nordic snowsuit?

A Nordic snowsuit is a padded (insulated) one-piece overall worn as casual cold-season outerwear in the Nordic countries—especially Finland. Traditionally, it was mostly children’s outerwear, but recently it has gained traction among adults too.

Stormberg Ute winter overallsKuoma Henna snowsuitsHoppin winter overallHuppa Jetta snowsuitBjörka snowsuit worn by Alexandra @incomprensibleAdastra and Reima snowsuits. Author: @slkorolevReima Stavanger snowsuit. Author: @hendrikmorkelValtra snowsuitsLenne Kent snowsuit (© weekend.ee)Björka snowsuits

The most common characteristics of a Nordic snowsuit are:

  • Above all, it’s thick, warm, and waterproof, specifically made for spending time outdoors in cold, windy, rainy, or snowy weather.
  • Relaxed fit, but not baggy. Usually has an inner waist adjustment (rather than an external belt with a buckle like in ski suits).
  • Main fabric usually comes in a single neutral color or is printed with a creative nature-themed or abstract pattern.
  • The bottom, knees, and leg ends are reinforced with stronger fabric (usually of a darker color).
  • Lots of reflective details for safety in the dark.
  • Elastic foot straps that protect from snow getting into boots.
  • Hoods are often trimmed with faux fur.

Although a Nordic snowsuit can double as a ski or snowboard suit, but it is not intended to serve only that purpose. The Nordic snowsuit aesthetic is also not to be confused with the retro ski suit aesthetic—they are of different origins.

The word “snowsuit” in Nordic languages: 🇫🇮talvihaalari / toppahaalari, 🇸🇪vinteroverall, 🇳🇴vinterdress, 🇩🇰flyverdragt, 🇪🇪talvekombinesoon / kombe.

Some of the prominent makers are: 🇫🇮Reima, 🇪🇪Huppa, 🇪🇪Lenne, 🇩🇰Molo, 🇫🇮Jonathan, 🇸🇪Didriksons, 🇩🇰Color Kids,🇸🇪Lindberg, 🇳🇴Stormberg, 🇩🇰Ticket to Heaven, 🇸🇪Isbjörn of Sweden.

What is the idea of the project?

Talvihaalari is Finnish for “winter overall”.

We’re captivated by the fun, yet the unpretentious look of a Nordic snowsuit and most importantly, the sense of coziness and carefreeness that it provides. In our opinion, the Nordic snowsuit aesthetic is underrepresented and unexplored, and the world needs to learn more about it and the awesome designs of Nordic brands. On top of that, we plan to promote brands that dare to experiment with bringing the Nordic snowsuit into adult fashion.

There’s a lot ahead of us. Stay tuned and follow @talvihaalari on Instagram.

Do you only post about Nordic brands?

Not necessarily. We will post any snowsuit fitting the above description, even if its maker is from a non-Nordic country.

Can I suggest content or submit a photo?

Absolutely! Feedback and submissions are very important to us.

You can reach us in the following ways:

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